Recently, some of the “Lost”… Nikola-Tesla’s Secret Generator Plans were found.
Watch the Video on the recent discoveries on the Nikola Tesla’s Secret Plans, that the US Government had confiscated!

What is great about those plans, is that even people with little or no technical knowledge can build the Tesla’s Generator System and start to Generate Free Electricity within just a few hours!

We Reviewed 7 Different Plans we’ve found online!
– We Found Only 2 Plans that meet our criteria:

Our Key Criteria for the Tesla’s Generator Plans Were:

Energy Saving: High efficiency in reducing our electricity bill.
Ease of Use  : Even a novice can setup within a few hours. 
Setup Cost   : Use cheap materials to get great results.
Money Back   : 100% money-back-guarantee if not satisfied.

Comparison of the Nikola Tesla’s Secret Plans:

Tesla Secret – Our First Choice

Nikola Tesla Secret Overall Rating:
Energy Saving:
Ease of Use:
Setup Cost:
Money Back Guarantee:

It is the easiest-to-follow guide we came across!
It would take you only half a day to buy the parts and get the Tesla’s System installed.

This is the only guide that assumes absolutely no engineering knowledge.
Moreover, there is an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee, just in-case you did not succeed to build this simple generator.

The parts required are cheap and easy to find:
It would cost as low as $200 for all of the parts.
Given that it’s proven to reduce the electricity bill by as much as 80%, or completely in some cases – It would pay back this money in no time.

The installation of the power system can be done on any kind of house or any kind of building.

The manual is aimed for “novices” who do not know much about electricity,
It is our top pick for 2016.

This is the only product that includes a video tutorial. It is easy to understand and will help you a lot in building your home energy system.

Click Here to Visit – Tesla Secret!

Energy by Tesla – Second Best

Overall Rating:
Energy Saving:
Ease of Use:
Setup Cost:
Money Back Guarantee:

Energy-by-Tesla uses a similar technology as Nikola-Tesla-Secret.

This kit includes very detailed information on how to set up the Tesla’s Generator System using cheap materials.

Maybe we are just too impressed by our first pick, but…
We found that guide, to be harder to understand than the Nikola Tesla Secret guide.

This guide assumes that you have some technical knowledge.
If you have a “novice” knowledge in electric, this guide is not suitable for you.

Furthermore, this guide only contains very limited information about how to setup the Nikola Tesla’s Coil – which is a very important power source for the Tesla’s Generator to operate properly.

Thus, we are going to give this product only 4 stars.